Prioritize your capital and reduce your operating costs with a leased P&WC spare engine for 12 months or longer. Scheduled off-wing maintenance is covered and our long-term leases can be integrated with a P&WC Fleet Management™ Program (FMP™).

A Latest-configuration Spare Engine for 12 Months or More


Our long-term engine leases equip you with a latest-configuration spare engine for 12 months or more at a competitive price with no hourly minimums if you don’t fly. With leasing options matched to your operating horizon, we help you keep operating costs down, extend the life of your aircraft and enable you to better plan your expenses.

Long-term engine leases include all scheduled off-wing maintenance and access to our Global Service Network. They can also be integrated with a P&WC Fleet Management™ Program (FMP™) – making P&WC a one-stop shop for your leased spare engine needs.

How you benefit:

  • Exclusive access to a latest-configuration spare engine over the lease term
  • Competitive pricing that includes an hourly flying rate and a fixed monthly lease rate – with no hourly minimum charges if you don’t fly
  • Peace of mind with coverage for off-wing scheduled engine maintenance, including HSI and overhaul and access to our Global Service Network
  • The ease and flexibility to integrate the lease with a Fleet Management Program™ (FMP™) for added coverage
  • Access to 1,000+ engines – the largest rental pool of P&WC engines in the world
  • Simplicity with no “engine core in shop” requirements or fees

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