Lower your costs and eliminate surprises with flat-rate and capped-cost MRO solutions.

Whether it's an upcoming overhaul or hot section inspection or you are looking for a maintenance services package tailored for your turboshaft engine, P&WCSMART™ has a solution for you.

Our programs deliver tailored, cost-effective maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) solutions, including genuine P&W parts and service for:

  • Flat-rate overhauls
  • Flat-rate power section and gearbox exchanges – a cost-effective overhaul alternative
  • Capped-cost hot section inspections
  • And more...

What makes P&WCSMART™ programs so unique?

In addition to competitive pricing and cost guarantees, P&WCSMART™ programs typically include:

  • No extra charges for typical corrosion, sulphidation, or replacement of non-genuine P&W parts
  • No extra charges for foreign object damage (FOD) provided it did not cause an unscheduled removal
  • Labour, new parts, used parts, parts exchanges, sub-contracted charges, bulk, test and packaging
  • P&W shop warranty

For more details about our P&WCSMART™ offerings and pricing, see below.

Flat-Rate Overhaul Program for PWC-Powered Helicopters

PT6T-3/3B/3BE/3BF/3BG/3D/3DE/3DF     PT6T-6/6B     PT6B-36A/B     PW206A/B/B2/C/E     PW207D/E

Clutch Inspection New Parts Package for PT6T-3 Reduction Gearboxes


Receive genuine new P&WC parts at a competitive reduced price – including the major assembly parts replaced during your scheduled clutch inspection

Flat-Rate New Reduction Gearbox Exchange


A cost-effective alternative to overhauling your Bell 212 or Bell 412 reduction gearbox

Flat-Rate "Zero Time Since Overhaul" Power Section & Gearbox Exchange


Capped-Cost Overhaul & Hot Section Inspection


Refresh Program - New Engine Exchange

PT6T-3 T400


A tailored overhaul solution for operators of military helicopters (other P&WCSMART offerings still applicable/available to military, some conditions apply).

P&WCSMART™ Military Firm-Fixed Price Overhaul Program for PT6T-3/6 Twinpac™-Powered Bell 212 and Bell 412 Helicopters

Optimal maintenance planning and predictability for military helicopter operators...

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