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Delivering deep insights into engine health without intrusive inspection for P&WC-powered business jets, helicopters, regional and general aviation aircraft.

Our innovative technology can detect specific engine conditions by identifying the wear patterns of oil-wetted components by analyzing particles found in the oil. This enables us to identify the deterioration of specific components well before a potential event occurs leading to a reduction in costs associated with secondary damage, a quicker return to service, a predictive maintenance scheduling and most importantly your peace of mind.

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Collect oil samples every 200 to 300 flight hours

Ship your samples to our lab

Using PW&C advanced analytics and algorithms, we can determine the health of your sample and identify the source of any issue that arises

Get access to our experts who will review your diagnostic and give you tailored recommendations

Get a dashboard explaining the overall health of your engine or fleet

Sample Collection

Ship your samples to our lab


Review by our PW&C Experts

Health Overview


Up to 100x more effective than other oil analysis technologies

Purchase oil analysis kits online by logging in or registering to MyP&WC Power Portal

Pricing 2024

  • For Engines on a Maintenance Program
For All Engines

As low as US$359 per kit with up to 40% off when you purchase multiple kits

Save on the regular price of US$599 when you purchase multiple oil analysis technology kits

Purchase two or more kits and receive the following discounts off the regular price for our oil analysis technology full-service package. 

10% off 2 to 5 kits (US$539 per kit)

20% off 6 to 10 kits (US$479 per kit)

30% off 11 to 20 kits (US$419 per kit)

40% off 20+ kits (US$359 per kit)


For Engines on a Maintenance Program

Why Choose Our Oil Analysis Technology?

Customized recommendations
Expert recommendations tailored to your engine based on maintenance history, mission and debris analysis
Make informed decisions for engine optimization and scheduled maintenance
Oil property analysis
Monitors oil-lubricating functions by analyzing the acid and water content of the oil
Insight on when to perform oil change and ensure optimal engine condition

Technology calibrated by engine model
Measures engine health against set parameters and thresholds and differentiates between healthy and non-healthy engines

Continuous maintenance optimization throughout the entire engine lifecycle
Debris analysis
Identifies particles suspended in the oil and is an indication of oil system health
Early detection of potential events and customized recommendations
Fleet view
Provides a comprehensive view of engine health for the entire fleet
Streamlined access to trend analysis and shop visit reviews for the whole fleet
Recommended sampling intervals and procedures
Provides automatic updates through the engine maintenance manual (EMM)
Access to the latest information related to oil analysis technology for operators and maintenance providers
Real time alert for each sample analysis report
The frequency at which a detailed analytical report is provided for your engine
Timely detection and recommended actions detailed in an easy-to-read report

By purchasing P&WC's advanced oil analysis kits, you get the following benefits:

  • Access to our experts who will give you personalized maintenance recommendations tailored to each of your engines
  • Easy access to real time results on the My P&WC Power Portal which is your one stop shop for all your P&WC services
  • With our delegation feature, you can give your maintenance provider access to your data enabling them to plan maintenance activities on your behalf
  • Working with a company with over 20 years of diagnostic experience, who has serviced over 1000 satisfied customers through the analysis of over 25 000 oil samples

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