At P&WC, we have a team of experts who provide consultation services to help you in selecting and prioritizing your engine needs and ensure maximum availability while minimizing extra costs.

Our Solutions


Advisory Services

P&WC has a team of engine OEM experts available to help you optimize your regional operations and reduce costs. We deliver a portfolio of tailored products and services enabling growth and agility while minimizing operational disruptions.

P&WC's advisory services support you in:

  • Optimizing time on wing
  • Minimizing additional costs
  • Reducing non-basic unscheduled removal rate
  • Improving dispatch reliability

Mission Ready Services

For Heads of State and VIP transport fleets

P&WC offers customized packages of spare parts and engineering services tailored to your individual needs and flying environments. These packages are kept on your premises to ensure maximum helicopter availability and mission readiness.


  • Services developed to address the needs of Heads of State and VIP transport fleets
  • Integrated package with reduced complexity to allow for accurate budgeting and forecasting
  • Proactive solutions to ensure maximum asset availability

Benefits & Inclusions

  • Engineering package — A highly tailored package that integrates all required availability improvement service bulletins — ranging from technical publications subscriptions to maintenance program customization for specific customer mission requirements
  • Spare parts & tooling kits — Through a deep review of the fleet-operation constraints, P&WC will establish the optimal combination of spare parts and tooling provisioning to maximize fleet availability. Kits can be customized by main base and remote stations
  • On-site subscription services — Access to P&WC experts for a wide range of on-site services integration — ranging from on-wing maintenance expertise and technical familiarization with technical teams — to parts planning, maintenance quality reviews and more

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Visit P&WC's Services Hub to find the right maintenance services and solutions available for your engine model.