The Best is Getting Even Better

Higher thrust, less fuel and lower emissions. Cost and revenue opportunities for airlines. Even better for the planet.

Airlines who demand unmatched efficiency and environmental performance depend on GTF power for their A320neo family aircraft. We are now building upon the engine’s mature dispatch reliability, adding aircraft capability and taking these benefits to a new level.

The Pratt & Whitney GTF Advantage™ engine will extend its lead as the most efficient engine for the A320neo family. This new configuration demonstrates the long runway for growth inherent to the geared fan architecture, along with our commitment to continual investment in technology, innovation and sustainability.

Innovating for the Future of Flight

From our revolutionary GTF engine family, to advanced hybrid-electric systems, we are continually developing technologies to make aircraft fly more efficiently and with lower emissions.

Even More Sustainable


The GTF Advantage engine will extend the GTF engine's lead as the most sustainable option for the A320neo family. On traditional fuel, the engine offers up to 17% lower CO2 emissions than prior engines like V2500. Successfully tested on 100% SAF, the engine is capable of even lower lifecycle emissions.

Powering Sustainable Aviation™

Even Lower Operating Costs


With cost and revenue benefits from lower fuel consumption, higher payload and longer range, the GTF Advantage engine delivers additional aircraft capability. The engine offers up to 17% lower fuel consumption than prior engines like V2500, sea level takeoff thrust up to 34,000 pounds per engine, and significant improvements in high altitude takeoff thrust.

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Dependability Built In


With more than 3 years of testing complete, the GTF Advantage engine builds upon more than 26 million hours of GTF service experience. With more thrust at lower temperatures and extensive endurance testing, we're working to ensure high durability at entry into service.

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