Carbon Offset Service

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A transparent, cost-effective and flexible way to offset the carbon footprint of your aircraft and support your sustainability objectives. Available for all P&WC-powered aircraft as a flexible add-on to an Eagle Service Plan™ or Fleet Management™ Program, as well as for customers who are not on a maintenance program. We are also able to offset non-P&WC-powered aircraft to support your mixed-fleet operations.

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Learn more about how carbon offset credits are invested in various projects supporting greater sustainability and a greener ecosystem.

Safe Community Water Supply — Rwanda, Africa 

The Safe Community Water Supply project restores and repairs existing boreholes, providing clean drinking water to Rwandan communities without the need to boil it or travel long distances.

Each borehole is up to 100 metres deep, and can be operated with a simple hand pump. The boreholes will be maintained over the project lifetime.

Clean Water Filters — Kenya, Africa

The Clean Water Filters project provides an affordable, long-term and zero emission solution to multiple counties in Kenya through the distribution of filters to households for water purification.

The untreated water is poured into the purifier, which goes through an 8-step filtration system, removing bacteria and other suspended solids. The treated water is stored in a lower tank, which is easily accessible via a faucet.

Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve  — Indonesia, Asia

The Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve project protects 91,215 hectares of rich, tropical peat swamp forests from planned deforestation for palm oil production.

The project not only preserves ecosystem diversity, protects local wildlife and ensures the safety of several endangered species, but also sequesters carbon and promotes local sustainable development and environmental education.

How Does P&WC’s Carbon Offset Service Work?

P&WC estimates the CO2 emissions based on your engine model and reported flight hours and compensates the emissions by sourcing high quality ICAO CORSIA compliant carbon offset credits from Azzera, a leader in providing sustainability solutions. Each credit represents approximately one ton of CO2 compensated and you are provided with a certificate of carbon compensation. For customers enrolled in a P&WC maintenance program, the process is fully automated – simply pay an incremental fee per flying hour based on your engine model that is added to your maintenance program rate. Customers who are not on a maintenance program or who are offsetting non-P&WC aircraft can enroll in the service by purchasing blocks of offset hours.

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For business jets, helicopters, general aviation,  regional & FMP™ and non-P&WC-powered aircraft

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