Discover our Spare Parts Solutions that help optimize your engine or APU availability and ensure rapid return to service.

Remote Maintenance Kits


Enhance your aircraft availability, flexibility, and maintenance autonomy with strategically selected line-maintenance OEM parts and tools provided in the P&WC Remote Maintenance Kit for selected engine models.

Our optimized, case design will minimize disruption and maximize space on board the aircraft or at a remote location.

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Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) Availability Program


For operators enrolled in our Fleet Management™ Program (FMP™) with LRU repair or exchange coverage, our solution helps you optimize your cash flow and engine availability through:

  • Customized recommendations on LRUs specific to your aircraft models, fleet size & operations
  • LRU acquisition integrated as part of an FMP™ pay-per-hour program (for small incremental fee)
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Catalogue interactif de services

Le Catalogue Après-vente intègre les solutions et services offerts pour les moteurs P&WC.