What Sets Us Apart - a Commitment to Enduring Quality and Precision

During the manufacturing process, HMI conducts regular chemical and physical analysis and imposes strict standards and control over each phase of operation to ensure quality and powder cleanliness.

HMI’s unique processes ensure that the constituents of alloys don’t break down at high temperatures, ensuring durability. HMI's products include nickel, iron and cobalt based alloys to meet a variety of customer needs. A stringent focus on quality results in parts that are highly reliable and can withstand high-stress, high-temperature operation.

Superior Service, Every Time


For each application, HMI provides personalized attention through a dedicated team of metallurgists, engineers, and manufacturing professionals. We pride ourselves on:

  • Fast turnaround times with high-quality performance
  • Individualized attention
  • Team-approached solutions
  • The right processes, people, and equipment

Since 1966, HMI has been the principal supplier of superalloy powder and billet to Pratt & Whitney and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RTX Corporation.