The Smart Decision for The F-35

The F135 Engine Core Upgrade (ECU): variant-common, combat-tested, coalition-assured, and cost-effective. For full Block 4 capability and tens of billions of lifecycle cost savings to keep our military on the leading edge.

F135 ECU Is the Most Cost-effective, Lowest-risk Propulsion Modernization Solution for the F-35 Weapons System


As the air vehicle grows, so must the engine. Designed with the knowledge that operational environments evolve and threats advance, the F135’s modular design and advanced digital architecture allow for spiral development and insertion of both hardware and software – ensuring the F-35 outpaces emerging threats.

Pratt & Whitney developed ECU, a block upgrade for the F135, with the objective of providing an affordable, low risk, and agile pathway to fielding meaningful propulsion capability for all F-35 customers. F135 ECU leverages Department of Defense investments in adaptive technology to deliver the capability needed for Block 4 aircraft, while maintaining the variant -commonality and international partnership approach that the joint program was built upon. Doing so maximizes affordability for all, with F135 ECU generating tens of billions of lifecycle cost savings.

Additionally, low technical risk is a must for pilot safety on a single -engine fighter. Based on operational experience, today’s F135 is the safest fighter engine ever produced. As a derivative design, F135 ECU builds upon the same proven architecture that has more than one million flight hours of safe and dependable operation so pilots can complete their mission and return home safely.

F135 ECU: Variant-common. Combat-Tested. Coalition-Assured.

F135 ECU meets the timeline and necessary requirements to support Block 4 aircraft without disrupting the program of record or driving increased cost and risk.

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