Three New Esp™ Services Help Operators Maximize Availability

By Pratt & Whitney Customer Service

Our ESP™ engine maintenance program continues to evolve with the addition of three new features focusing on proactive maintenance and availability. Our expert breaks down what these mean for customers.

From Cost Management to Proactive Maintenance

When Pratt & Whitney first introduced its Eagle Service™ Plan (ESP™) pay-per-hour maintenance program, the idea was to give customers financial peace of mind by making it easier to predict and manage their maintenance costs. But as Lesley Pugh, Commercial Manager, ESP Programs, explains, the approach has shifted over time.

“Originally, operators were signing up to protect themselves from risks, cover their maintenance expenses and increase the resale value of their assets,” she says. “But we have progressively introduced new features that have made our approach more proactive. We’re not just covering your costs with ESP—we’re helping you do preventive maintenance and maximize your aircraft’s availability.”

ESP’s evolution over the years on various models has seen additions such as premium Platinum coverage and the launch of the Proactive Help Desk, which identifies pending issues through trend monitoring and reaches out to customers to address them.

This year, operators on the program with eligible engine models will benefit from the addition of several new features to their coverage: Line Maintenance Flyaway Kits, Oil Analysis Technology and Global Engine Connectivity.

These distinctive features support customers by helping extend engine time on wing, accelerating return to service should a situation arise and optimizing engine performance. Ultimately, we’re helping to increase aircraft availability and further sustain asset resale value.

- Lesley Pugh, Commercial Manager, ESP Programs

Making Essential Engine Parts Easily Portable

Already available for ESP Platinum subscribers with Dassault aircraft, Flyaway Kits provide greater mission confidence in remote areas by enabling customers to bring some commonly used maintenance parts on board in a compact, specially designed case. In the event that some simple engine maintenance is needed, the kit’s contents can be used to do the work anywhere, anytime.

Many of our operators are flying in remote areas. The Flyaway Kit helps make sure their engines are good to go when they want to go. It’s like a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card in the unlikely event that you need to do some minor unscheduled maintenance to dispatch your aircraft.

- Lesley Pugh, Commercial Manager, ESP Programs

Flyaway Kits are also being added to ESP Gold coverage for Dassault and Gulfstream aircraft. What’s more, in response to user feedback, the Dassault kit has been redesigned into two smaller cases—the size of standard luggage—so that operators can optimize space on their aircraft.

Engine Oil Analysis Helps Increase Availability

Advanced prognostics solutions such as FAST™ capture and send full-flight intelligence wirelessly within minutes of engine shutdown so operators can maximize aircraft availability, optimize maintenance planning and reduce operating costs. Now, eligible ESP subscribers will be able to complement FAST data with P&W’s powerful new Oil Analysis Technology, which provides a high degree of visibility into the health of oil-wetted engine components without intrusive inspections.

Originally launched through operator trials, Oil Analysis Technology continues to be commercially released on a growing number of P&W engine models. On most applications, once it has matured, it is being added to ESP coverage for eligible subscribers.

Oil Analysis Technology provides a central piece of the engine health management solution. Data on the oil system is used to make maintenance recommendations for key components such as carbon seals up to hundreds of hours before there could be a potential issue. It is up to 100X more sensitive than existing methods.

The great thing about this technology is that the more we use it, the more powerful it becomes. As we collect more data on different engine models flying different mission profiles, we’re able to develop more robust baseline signatures for identifying specific issues and turning unplanned events into scheduled maintenance.

- Lesley Pugh, Commercial Manager, ESP Programs

Enabling Global Connectivity

With FAST becoming increasingly prevalent in sectors such as business aviation, P&W is keen to ensure that transmitting and analyzing the data after each flight is as smooth as possible. With this in mind, it’s introducing turnkey digital management services that make the process as simple as possible for customers.

As Lesley explains, to make the most of trend monitoring with FAST, you need to ensure data can be wirelessly transmitted wherever you fly. With Global Engine Connectivity, P&W provides a SIM card and data plan for 3G networks worldwide while also covering roaming fees, keeping the software configuration up to date and taking care of downloading and processing the data.

Global Engine Connectivity and FAST data management will be easier than ever from the customer’s point of view. With ESP, you now get what you need to take full advantage of the data. Plus, you don’t need to worry about fees for data overages or international roaming charges.

- Lesley Pugh, Commercial Manager, ESP Programs

With technology continuing to evolve, P&W is currently working on upgrading FAST so that it can also be used with 4G networks.

Talk to your customer manager to learn more about ESP or find out if the new features apply to your aircraft.

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