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A transparent, cost-effective and flexible way to offset the carbon footprint of your aircraft and support your sustainability objectives. Available for all P&WC-powered aircraft as a flexible add-on to an Eagle Service Plan™ or Fleet Management™ Program, as well as for customers who are not on a maintenance program. We are also able to offset non-P&WC-powered aircraft to support your mixed-fleet operations.

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Learn more about how carbon offset credits are invested in various ICAO CORSIA compliant projects supporting greater sustainability and a greener ecosystem.

P&WC estimates the CO2 emissions based on your engine model and reported flight hours and compensates the emissions by sourcing high quality ICAO CORSIA compliant carbon offset credits from Azzera, a leader in providing sustainability solutions. Each credit represents approximately one ton of CO2 compensated and you are provided with a certificate of carbon compensation. For customers enrolled in a P&WC maintenance program, the process is fully automated – simply pay an incremental fee per flying hour based on your engine model that is added to your maintenance program rate. Customers who are not on a maintenance program or who are offsetting non-P&WC aircraft can enroll in the service by purchasing blocks of offset hours.

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