Enhance your aircraft availability, flexibility, and maintenance autonomy with strategically selected line-maintenance OEM parts and tools provided in the P&WC Remote Maintenance Kit for selected engine models. Our optimized case design will minimize disruption and maximize space on board the aircraft or at a remote location.

Onboard Peace of Mind & Greater Availability

Our Remote Maintenance Kit is a portable, robust case packed with strategically selected line maintenance OEM parts and tools that you can bring on board or keep at a remote location.

Remote Maintenance Kit Pricing & Engine Model Availability

Engine Model Part Number  Pricing ($USD)
PW206B2/B3 (post-service bulletin) AK-206B2B3RMKPOST $27,890.96 
PW206C (pre-service bulletin)  AK-206CRMKPRE $27,901.20 
PW206C/PW207C  (post-service bulletin) AK-206C207CRMKPOST  $27,890.08 
PW207D1/D2 AK-207D1D2RMK  $27,900.14
PW305A AK-305FLYAWAY  $14,746.21
PW306A AK-306AFLYAWAY  $14,746.21
AK-307FLY01 ,  AK-307FLY02  $67,801.00
PW308C AK-308CFLY01 ,  AK-308CFLY02  $68,301.49 
PW308C+  AK-308CPLUSFLY01 ,  AK-308CPLUSFLY02  $60,975.90 
PW535E/E1  AK-535EFLYAWAY  $14,773.46 
PW617EF  AK-617EFFLYAWAY  $11,935.62 
PW814/815  AK-814/815FLYAWAY  $26,110.43


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