Interested in a cost-effective alternative to an engine overhaul? Skip the engine rental, a removal and installation, as well as shop wait times and we’ll provide you with a freshly overhauled engine of the same model in exchange for your existing one at a competitive price.

About the Program


For complete details contact your sales representative. This is a limited-time special offer and P&W reserves the right to modify or terminate this program at any time. We may extend the eligibility period of the P&WCSMART programs for operators with a minimum fleet of five (5) P&W-powered aircraft.

Applicable Engine Model Flat Rate Exchange Price ($US)
PT6A-21 387,000
PT6A-27 387,000
PT6A-28 387,000
PT6A-34 377,000
PT6A-41 423,500
PT6A-42 423,500
PT6A-114A 407,000
PT6A-135/135A 392,000
PT6A-65B 710,500
PT6A-67D 745,200 

Get in touch with a P&WCSMART specialist to get more information about our maintenance solutions or to request a quote.

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