Our ESP™ maintenance program delivers enhanced asset value, availability, and performance – along with the peace of mind that your scheduled and unscheduled engine maintenance is covered. What’s more, ESP™ has no annual flying minimums and is transferable at aircraft sale.

ESP™ Covers Your Engine For:

  • Major scheduled engine maintenance including hot section inspection and overhaul
  • Unscheduled engine & accessory maintenance
  • Required engine & accessory upgrades
  • …and much more.

ESP™ Delivers:

  • A long-term cost guarantee on major engine maintenance
  • Enhanced aircraft resale value
  • Transferability at aircraft sale
  • No annual flying minimums

ESP™ Coverage Levels

Coverage levels vary based on aircraft and engine model. Get in touch with a Pratt & Whitney Canada representative in your region to discuss the right option for you.


All packages include the following coverage:

  • Engine overhaul or refurbishment 
  • Hot section inspection (HSI) 
  • Basic unplanned engine removal (BUER)
  • Basic unplanned accessory removal (BUAR)
  • Troubleshooting labor (limited)
  • Service bulletin incorporation
  • Lease engine support
  • Trend monitoring

Gold Package adds the following coverage:

  • Troubleshooting labor (as required)
  • Removal and installation (R&I)
  • Mobile repair team (MRT) support for AOG
  • Freight

Where available the Platinum Package* adds the following coverage to gold:

  • Routine periodic inspections
  • Environmental damage repair

*Additional Platinum services available depending on engine model.


Carbon Offset Service

Our carbon offset service allows you to offset the carbon footprint of your aircraft and is available for all P&WC-powered aircraft enrolled in an ESP™ or FMP™ maintenance program.
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Additional ESP™ offerings

Get in touch with an ESP™ specialist to request a quote.

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