Our Digital Engine Health Management solutions help you move towards a 100% planned maintenance environment – enabling you to make informed decisions, reduce costs and optimize operations with powerful and rapid insight into your engines and aircraft.

FAST™ Solution

Our FAST™ digital engine health management solution captures, analyzes and wirelessly sends full-flight data intelligence to you within minutes of engine shutdown so you can maximize aircraft availability, optimize maintenance planning and reduce operating costs.
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Oil Analysis Technology

Far more sensitive than traditional methods, our Oil Analysis Technology can detect potential engine events hundreds of hours in advance by identifying the wear patterns of oil-wetted components. This helps you reduce unplanned downtime with a more proactive and preventive approach to maintenance.
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Proactive Help Desk

The Proactive Help Desk is a dedicated team of aviation technicians and analysts who conduct daily reviews of your engine and aircraft data to identify potential issues well in advance —increasing dispatch availability, reducing unplanned interventions, and helping you move toward a 100% planned environment.
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Services Hub

Visit the Aftermarket Services Hub to discover what maintenance services and solutions are available for P&WC engines.