Pratt & Whitney offers our military customers a range of tailored fleet management service solutions for operating their fleets with the optimum mix of organic capability, world class expertise, and the efficiency of economy of scale. Our management products range from basic order fulfillment to complete fleet management.

Answering The Call with Confidence

Today, over 7,000 Pratt & Whitney military engines are in service with 34 armed forces worldwide, setting new standards for performance and dependability.

Engine Overhaul Services


Seven Pratt & Whitney Engine Centers offer services for the military customer.

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Material Services


Reduced material cost risk and increased engine reliability on a guaranteed-dollar-per-engine-flight hour basis.

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Part & Accessory Repair Services: Material Management Programs (MMP)


Pratt & Whitney provides newly manufactured parts for customers operating both current production engines such as the F100 (F-15, F-16), F117 (C-17) and F119 (F-22) and out of production engines like the J52 (EA-6B), TF30 (F-111) and TF33 (B-52, KC-135E, JSTARS, AWACS).

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Specialty Services


Pratt & Whitney has formed a public-private partnership with the USAF Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center under the authority of 10 USC 2474, Centers of Industrial Technical Excellence. 

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