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*Based on 60-minute mission in benign environment, compared to 14,000 hours.

Technology Injection for Extra Durability

  1. Increased capacity low-pressure compressor and high efficiency high-pressure compressor
  2. New high-pressure turbine module for next level efficiency and durability
  3. Enhanced efficiency power turbine module
  4. A new gas-generator case reflecting our latest design best practices with improved oil distribution system


Engines Thermodynamic
power class* (ESHP***)


3,360 2,750 1,200


3,511 2,750 1,200

Enhancing Your Service Experience

Innovative tailored solutions for the PW127XT engine series

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Dedicated rapid global teams to optimize on-wing support and maintenance, and to manage fleet transitions and upgrades. Available 24/7/365 to keep you flying efficiently and reliably.

Industry Leading Fleet Management™ Program (FMP™)

Maximize your engine’s full potential through P&WC’s expertise. Optimized operating cost for every environment, mission, fleet size, and experience level for ultimate peace of mind.

A Solution for Every Operator

New customized programs for all size fleets and game-changing solutions for lessors.

Engine Connectivity Services

Our turnkey and fully wireless advanced engine prognostic and diagnostic FAST™ system ensures you extract the most value from your assets. Discover innovative engine diagnostics and prognostics exclusive for FMP operators.

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