King of the light-twin helicopters, with 500 to 700 shaft horsepower class. Powering the majority of the world’s light-twin helicopters. The proven benchmark in its class for rugged dependability and excellent operating economics.


The PW200 family is the engine of choice for the new generation of light-twin helicopters having captured a majority share of worldwide sales over its competitors, thanks to unprecedented levels of reliability and economy.

Versatility on a Wide Variety of Applications


Ranging in power from 500 shp to over 700 shp, PW206/207 engines have been produced in 12 models and their versatility has been demonstrated on a wide variety of applications. PW206/207 engines power aircraft and missions around the world. 

About the PW200


More than 5,600 PW206/207 engines have been produced since the family entered service in the 1990s. The engine is used in a variety of missions missions including emergency medical services, security and defense, utility, business and other operations.

The PW200 Engines Incorporate the Latest Technologies to Exceed our Customers' Expectations

Ranging in power from 500 to over 700 shaft horsepower, the PW200 is simple in concept, with only three major rotating components and a modular design enabling easy maintenance. A single-stage centrifugal compressor driven by a single-stage turbine with a PT6-style reverse flow combustor, power a free, single stage power turbine. The power turbine, in turn, powers the output shaft through a front-mounted reduction gearbox. Combining the reduction and engine accessory gearbox contributes to the PW200's compact design. The PW200's control system features an Electronic Engine Control with full hydro-mechanical backup delivering pilot-friendly operation including auto-starting. Low fuel consumption, lightweight, a compact architecture, low environmental emissions, minimum maintenance and low maintenance cost are fundamental to the PW200's sustaining appeal in the marketplace.


Ranging in power from 500 shp to over 700 shp, PW206/207 engines have been produced in 12 models

Engines Thermodynamic Power Class* (Shaft Horsepower) Mechanical Power Class* (Shaft Horsepower) Output Shaft Speed (RPM) Diameter**(inches) Length**(inches)
PW206 Series 640 430 to 560 5,900 22 36 to 41
PW207 Series 730 570 to 650 6,000 to 6,240 22 36 to 40

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