Our helicopter customers’ needs are as unique as their aircraft. Their missions are diverse and they fly in conditions that other aircraft simply cannot. The right power, speed and efficiency at the exact moment are critical to delivering passengers and payload safely.

PT6C Turboshaft Engines


The PT6C is the first PT6 engine with dual channel FADEC on certain models, delivering improved fuel burn and engine handling while reducing pilot workload. Its power enabled the H175 to achieve a time-to-climb record during pre-certification testing: 6,000 meters in 6 minutes 54 seconds.

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PW200 Turboshaft Engines


The PW200 family is the engine of choice for the new generation of light-twin helicopters having captured a majority share of worldwide sales over its competitors, thanks to unprecedented levels of reliability and economy.

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PW210 Turboshaft Engines


The PW210 fleet has more than 360,000 flying hours, and is the benchmark for a new generation of twin-engine helicopters for intermediate—and medium-class helicopters. One of many advanced technologies, the engine doubles as an auxiliary power unit, powering electrical, cooling and heating systems while the aircraft is on the ground with a locked or disengaged main rotor.

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PT6T Turboshaft Engines


The 1,800 to 2,000 shaft horsepower class, twin-power section PT6T, has been produced in 11 models and its versatility has been demonstrated in a wide variety of applications. PT6T engines power aircraft in service around the world in over 70 countries.

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PT6B Turboshaft Engines


The 1,000 shaft horsepower class PT6B series, a single engine configuration, has been produced in 7 models and its versatility has been demonstrated in a wide variety of applications.

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