The PW4000 94-inch fan engine is the first model in the PW4000 family of high-thrust engines.


It covers a range of 52,000 to 62,000 pounds of thrust and has five major aircraft applications. Approved for 180-minute Extended-range Twin-engine Operations (ETOPS), the engine provide airlines with excellent operational flexibility and high reliability. Advanced, service-proven technologies, such as single-crystal superalloy materials and its Full-Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC), contribute to superior fuel economy and reliability. The engine's benefits are further enhanced by excellent performance retention, long on-wing times and low maintenance costs.

The PW4000's noise and emissions parameters are lower than levels required for all current and anticipated emissions and noise regulations. For a further reduction in emissions, Pratt & Whitney's TALON (Technology for Advanced Low NOx) combustor technology is now available for the PW4000. Derived from the 112-inch fan model, TALON has segmented, replaceable liner panels for easy maintainability and air blast fuel nozzles for excellent fuel atomization and mixing resulting in clearer burning and low emissions.

Since entering revenue service in 1987, Pratt & Whitney has delivered more than 2,500 PW4000-94'' engines that have collectively logged more than 150 million dependable flight hours on commercial aircraft around the world.

Airplanes Powered (5)

Boeing 747

Boeing 767


Airbus A300

Airbus A310

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