Powering the majority of mid-size jets, the PW300 engine offers highly dependable, fuel-efficient power for mid-size to heavy jets. The ideal choice for corporate travel, this quiet engine combines performance, sustainability and value.

Thirteen Models in the 4,700 to 8,000 Pound Thrust Class

The PW300 is a two-spool engine with a five-stage high pressure compressor driven by a two-stage, cooled high pressure turbine and a three-stage low pressure turbine driving a robust, advanced technology fan. A high efficiency through-flow combustor, with advanced TALON™ combustion in the latest models, ensures low emissions and fuel consumption. A high efficiency exhaust mixer further contributes to the engine family's low fuel burn and noise. The latest Full-Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) in many of the PW300 models provides reduced pilot workload and advanced engine health monitoring/diagnostics, assuring a high standard in aircraft dispatch availability. The result is a compact, lightweight design that powers the majority of mid-size business jets in the market.


The PW300 family comprises 4 engine series and 13 models, ranging from 4,700 to 8,000 pounds thrust 

 Engines   Thermodynamic thrust class* (Pounds)  Mechanical thrust class* (SHP) Height**(inches)   Width**(inches) Length**(inches) 
 PW308 Series   8,350   7,000   50  46  84
 PW307 Series   7,500  6,400   47  41  86 
 PW306 Series   7,000  6,000  45  38  76
 PW305 Series  5,900  4,700  45  36  81

* Powers are approximate values at take-off. Available at sea level, standard day, static conditions, uninstalled.
** Dimensions are approximate values.


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