Pratt & Whitney is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and maintenance of APUs, a position built from its foundation as a major supplier of gas turbine engines for a host of turboprop, turbofan and turboshaft aircraft.


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Our PW980 is the largest APU in commercial airline service. This APU is a two-shaft gas turbine engine, specifically designed for the Airbus A380 wide-body jet liner. During on-ground operation, it provides bleed air for cabin conditioning from a low spool-driven load compressor, main engine start capability, and electrical power from two gearbox-mounted, 120kVA generators. The APU is also designed to deliver in-flight backup power.



The Pratt & Whitney APS5000 APU is the industry's first all-electric APU for large commercial aircraft. This single-shaft, variable-speed gas turbine APU develops 450kVA of electrical power at sea level that starts and operates up to 43,100 feet. The APS5000 APU was designed exclusively for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It is the quietest APU in its class with the lowest emissions in the industry and backed by maintenance plans that deliver flexibility and predictable costs while maximizing performance and time between maintenance.



Pratt & Whitney’s APS3200 is the Airbus baseline APU of choice for the Airbus A320 family of aircraft. It is designed to meet performance and environmental requirements for modern day, single-aisle aircraft. The APU comprises a single-shaft, fixed-speed, high-pressure ratio core driving a load compressor that provides bleed air for cabin conditioning and main engine starting, concurrent with 90kVA of electrical power. The APU is also certified for a 180-minute Extended range Twin Operations (ETOPs) operation.



Our PW901C APU is a twoshaft gas turbine engine, originally derived from a Pratt & Whitney turbofan engine used in popular business jets. It provides power for the Boeing 747-8 and its predecessor, the PW901A-powered Boeing 747-400. During on-ground operation, it provides bleed air for cabin conditioning from a low spool-driven load compressor, and electrical power from two gearbox-mounted 90kVA generators.



The Pratt & Whitney APS2300 APU was designed for the rigorous utilization of 60- to 110-passenger regional jet aircraft, namely the Embraer 170/195-series aircraft. The APS2300 is generally accepted as the industry’s most reliable APU available today. The APS2300 APU is installed in Embraer's fleet of E170/175/190/195 regional jets as well as Embraer's Lineage 1000 business jets. The APS2300 APU is an integral bleed, constant speed, continuous cycle gas turbine engine that incorporates a single-stage centrifugal compressor, a reverse flow annular combustor, and a two-stage axial turbine. The APS2600 APU is the latest generation regional aircraft APU system available today. Derived from the APS2300, it has been designed to match today's regional market requirements.

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