We are a global leader in propulsion systems, powering the most advanced aircraft in the world, and we are shaping the future of aviation.

Our engines help connect people, grow economies and defend freedom. Our customers depend on us to get where they’re going and back again.

We are Pratt & Whitney. We are Dependable Engines.

At Pratt & Whitney, we believe that powered flight has transformed the world. We work with an explorer’s heart and perfectionist’s grit to design, build, and service the world’s most advanced and unrelenting aircraft engines. We turn the possibilities of flight into realities for our customers. It’s about more than providing the care and intelligence to service aircraft engines expertly. It’s about innovating and engineering a new and exciting future for aviation – one in which the full potential of human progress can be unleashed. At Pratt & Whitney, we go beyond.

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Pratt & Whitney’s reputation for exacting precision and constant innovation is unmatched. Our mission is to transform aviation and be the best aerospace company for the world. We behave as a responsible corporate citizen in every community we’re a part of—and our customers can feel our dedication to service anywhere in the world.

Engineering for Generations to Come


At Pratt & Whitney, we work with an explorer’s heart and a perfectionist’s grit to design, build, and service the world’s most advanced and unrelenting aircraft engines. 

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RTX Corporation and Pratt & Whitney are committed to the highest standards of ethics, quality and business conduct.

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