The PT6 engine family – the most prevalent and versatile in aviation – is celebrating 60 years of excellence and innovation. It has been embraced by fixed-wing and helicopter airframers around the world. With more than 64,000 PT6 engines produced since its introduction in 1963, it powers over 155 different aviation applications. The PT6 is unmatched in engine performance, reliability and dispatch availability, having reached 500 million flying hours. When it comes to innovative products and services, you can count on Pratt & Whitney to deliver the absolute best.


PT6E-66XT Engine

In 2022, a second PT6E engine model is added to our PT6 E-Series™ – the first engine family with a dual-channel integrated electronic propeller and engine control system in the general aviation turboprop market.
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PT6E-67XP Engine

In 2019, Pratt & Whitney Canada launches a new general aviation turboprop engine – the PT6 E-Series™️ engine, raising the bar in engine performance, control systems, data intelligence and service solutions.
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PT6C Turboshaft Engines

The PT6C, the third turboshaft family based on the PT6A engine, debuted in 2001 with the PT6C-67C to power the twin-engine 15-seat AgustaWestland A139.

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PT6B Turboshaft Engines

In 1985 the PT6B family of turboshaft engines made its debut with the PT6B-36, which would power the twin-engine Sikorsky S-76B. The new engine upped the power of the S-76 by 46 percent compared to previous models of the aircraft.
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PT6T turboshaft engines

The PT6T entered into service in 1970. The 1,800 to 2,000 shaft horsepower class, twin-power section PT6T, has been produced in 11 models and its versatility has been demonstrated in a wide variety of applications. PT6T engines power aircraft in service with 350 operators in nearly one hundred countries
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The PT6 Engine

In December 1963, P&WC shipped the first PT6 production engine, the PT6A-6, to Beech Aircraft Company for its Beech 87, which later became the King Air. The PT6A-6 was a highly innovative gas turbine that represented a significant advance in technology from the traditional piston-driven engines used to power small aircraft as gas turbines have a higher power to weight ratio than piston engines.
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