PT6 60th Anniversary Testimonial Series

PT6 60

Welcome to our testimonial series, where we will share stories throughout the year of our valued customers, partners and people as we celebrate Pratt & Whitney Canada’s engine fleet reaching one billion flying hours and 60 years of the PT6 engine family.

The PT6 turboprop is the leading engine in the general aviation segment and has marched proudly across the aviation landscape for six uninterrupted decades, redefining the industry at every step, and carving for itself a position of unmatched achievement and performance. Today, more than 130 different single- and twin- aircraft models are powered by our portfolio of 70+ PT6 turboprop engines.

Aerospace has the power to change the world, and we hope these stories demonstrate what an important part our passionate people and dependable engines play in the lives of millions of people every day.

Polvoorde Racing | Southern California, USA

From the skies to the racetrack, the PT6 turboprop engine’s proven reliability helps professional trophy truck driver, Christopher Polvoorde, navigate the intricacies that come with the sport. While this industry crossover doesn’t quite look like a PT6-powered trophy truck, the iconic Pratt & Whitney Canada engine plays a critical role on race days through dependable transportation.

Trophy trucks are built to endure treacherous terrain and reach speeds upward of 120mph. Competing in remote areas of the world, Polvoorde’s team relies on their PT6-powered Pilatus aircraft to transport team members and parts to and from racing sites. 

“It’s saved us multiple times when we’re racing for 24-30 hours straight and [truck] failures happen. We’re able to get parts and continue on,” Polvoorde explained.

With more than 500 million flying hours throughout its 60-year history, the PT6 engine is designed for efficiency. “Horsepower, reliability and low operating cost” provide Chip Polvoorde, team owner, with peace of mind. Access to reliable transportation can either make or break a race – the culmination of months of preparation and training.

The PT6 turboprop engine is a critical enabler to Polvoorde Racing’s success, demonstrating the wide-reaching impact Pratt & Whitney Canada’s dependable engines have on lives and industries around the globe. Watch the video below to hear from the Polvoorde Racing team on how the PT6 engine sits at the intersection of off-road racing and aviation.

Blackhawk Aerospace | Texas, USA

Blackhawk Aerospace, a leader in performance improvements for aircraft, provides all-inclusive aircraft maintenance and avionics sales, installation, repair, and support with a focus on turboprop and jet aircraft. The Waco, Texas-based company serves customers worldwide in the commercial and government markets.

Epic Aircraft | Oregon, USA

Epic Aircraft, based in Bend, Oregon, designs and manufactures high-performance, all-composite, six-seat single-engine turboprop aircraft. The company is known for its E1000 GX, an aircraft centered around Pratt & Whitney’s PT6A engine. 

National Agricultural Aviation Association | Maryland, USA

NAAA supports the interests of ~1,900 members in the U.S. made up of small business owners and pilots who use aircraft to enhance food, fiber and bio-energy production, protect forestry and control health-threatening pests.

Forest Protection | New Brunswick, Canada

Forest Protection operates Air Tractor AT-802 aircraft for aerial firefighting and aerial application missions, to preserve and protect our forests.

BERING AIR | Western Alaska, USA

Bering Air offers charter and transportation service, serving 32 towns in Western Alaska. Their P&WC-powered fleet includes the Beechcraft 1900D, the Beechcraft King Air 200 and the Cessna C208B EX Grand Caravan.

SANSA | San José, Costa Rica

SANSA Airlines (Servicios Aéreos Nacionales S.A.) operates a fleet of 10 Grand Caravans powered by PT6A-114A and PT6A-140 engines for scheduled passenger services all over Costa Rica.


Africair, Inc. is a Textron Aviation distributor in the African aviation industry and has been transforming the aviation industry in this region since 1968.