PT6 E-series™ Engine – Driving Rapid, Fundamental Change and Innovation in the Industry


Pratt & Whitney’s PT6 E-Series™ engine, General Aviation’s first dual-channel, integrated electronic propeller and engine control system, may be the new kid on the block, but it has already celebrated several milestones. In March 2021, the 100th PT6 E-Series engine rolled off the production line at Pratt & Whitney’s PT6 Turboprop Engine Centre of Excellence in Lethbridge, Canada. The milestone was reached more than a year into the challenges of COVID-19 and followed an exceptional effort by the team to bring the new production line into service. The PT6 E-Series engine was awarded the 2020 Laureate in the Business Aviation – Propulsion category as part of Aviation Week Network’s Annual Laureate Awards. Just recently, the PT6 E-Series™ engine achieved yet another milestone, reaching 15,000 hours of flight powering the Pilatus PC-12 NGX aircraft.

The PT6 E-Series engine continues the long tradition of performance and versatility that’s associated with the PT6 turboprop engine family. The advanced technology behind the engine provides a more intuitive way of flying with simplified operations. At the push of a button, the pilot can start and stop the engine while being protected against hot and hung starts. The single lever and integrated electronic propeller and engine control system – the first in General Aviation – allows precise engine control by constantly monitoring temperature and torque to provide optimal engine power and performance throughout all phases of flight.

The PT6 E-Series engine also features:

  • A power increase of up to 10% due to the latest generation of turbine materials and design providing quicker climb and greater speed,
  • Digital connectivity which monitors more than 100 engine parameters to maximize engine efficiency and monitor engine performance and health, enabling predictive analytics and proactive, personalized support,
  • An enhanced service experience with simplified maintenance, increased availability as well as an innovative Eagle Service™ Plan (ESP™) Platinum program.

Next-level Engine Coverage With ESP™ Platinum

Pratt & Whitney offers a Platinum level of coverage with the ESP program for PT6 E-Series engine. Under the Platinum program, customers receive a dedicated level of support from the company’s Proactive Services team and benefit from comprehensive engine maintenance coverage. Customers who enroll in the Platinum program receive a suite of digital engine services, including Pratt & Whitney’s Oil Analysis Technologyengine condition trend monitoring (ECTM). All work together to heighten engine availability and reliability and serve to protect the value of the customer’s investment.

ESP™ Platinum also helps reduce operating costs by providing next-level coverage of almost all maintenance costs, including engine removal, installation and rental, routine inspections, fuel nozzle refurbishment, engine washes, repairs for foreign object damage (FOD) and environment-induced damage, and more.

Pertaining to the FOD coverage specifically, Pratt & Whitney recently announced that PT6 E-Series customers who opt for ESP Platinum coverage can now benefit from insurance premium savings. This first-of-its-kind program is designed to simplify engine coverage, eliminate duplicate coverage and lower costs. With FOD coverage provided by Pratt & Whitney, customers no longer have to make a separate claim to their insurance (FOD events are typically covered by insurance policies).

PT6 – the Engine of Choice for Peace of Mind

The PT6 E-Series engine is the product of Pratt & Whitney’s dedication to safety, quality and reliability – the same focus that has made the PT6 General Aviation’s number one engine for many different missions around the world.

Pratt & Whitney’s focus on innovation has enabled the introduction of new materials and technology giving the PT6 turboprop engine more power, greater efficiency and better environmental performance. In the last 10 years alone, more than 120 enhancements were made to the engine, giving the PT6 turboprop 40% more power and 20% better fuel efficiency. Customers around the world count on the PT6 engine to get them home at the end of every mission. The engine has long been a tool of productivity and flying safety in Africa, and now, operators can enjoy a simplified flying experience with the new generation PT6 E-Series engine.