Services Hub Offers Handy Shortcut to Maintenance Solutions

By Pratt & Whitney Customer Service

With Pratt & Whitney Canada’s new self-serve online tool, customers can find the right aftermarket services and solutions for their engine model in seconds. Here’s how it works.

Providing a Guided Online Experience

Pratt & Whitney Canada is introducing a new digital tool that simplifies choosing the right aftermarket solution, based on the aircraft and engine model and stage in the lifecycle. The new Services Hub tool, designed for aircraft owners, operators, maintenance staff, fixed based operators and others, provides a guided online experience that saves customers time and effort researching which offering is best for them.

“The aftermarket is an ever-changing world. We continue to expand our portfolio of products and services to best suit the needs of our customers at every stage of their engine and aircraft lifecycle,” said Valerie Blackburn, digital marketing lead at Pratt & Whitney Canada. “Right now, we have more than 70 aftermarket offerings available for over 200 engine models with 66,000 engines in service.”

As the number of tailored engine maintenance offerings continues to grow, customers have more tools to choose from, and finding the right option can take time.

The Services Hub changes this. Covering all aftermarket products and services in each segment the company serves, this digital tool enables customers to quickly discover the best options available for their engines.

The premise of Services Hub is simple: you select your aircraft and engine model, your ‘total time since new’ if you know it, and we’ll tell you which aftermarket offerings and options are best suited to you. We’re creating a guided and frictionless online experience.

- Valerie Blackburn, digital marketing lead, Pratt & Whitney Canada

Adapting to Changing Customer Behaviours

“Just like in every other industry, there’s been a shift in the aviation world to doing business online,” Valerie said. “More and more, customers are going online to look for aftermarket solutions to best maintain their engines – they want information at their fingertips to help them with buying decisions. The onus is on OEMs and other service providers to make it easy and seamless for customers, so that’s what we’re doing.”

Our website has more than 70 different pages of content about our maintenance offerings – from MRO solutions and maintenance programs to digital engine health management solutions and more. Services Hub will help them navigate quickly and easily to what they are after – cutting down research time and any uncertainty about which solutions are designed for which engine models.

- Valerie Blackburn, digital marketing lead, Pratt & Whitney Canada

Customers can select as many service types as they want, and they can easily go back and change their answers to the initial questions to view other possibilities.


Connecting Customers With Their Local Sales Support

Services Hub also pairs customers with a Pratt & Whitney Canada aftermarket sales manager in their region who can answer further questions about services and provide individual guidance.

The customer is sent a confirmation email outlining the services they identified along with the contact details of their regional sales representative.

When it comes to engine maintenance, especially for pre-owned aircraft, figuring out which solutions are the right ones for each model at each stage in the lifecycle can be daunting. The Services Hub helps facilitate that process.

- Valerie Blackburn, digital marketing lead, Pratt & Whitney Canada

Working With Customers to Enhance the Experience

To ensure Services Hub provides a simple and seamless experience, the company has used customer feedback to improve the tool at each stage of development, and will continue to do so after its rollout.

“It’s not a ‘one and done’ approach,” Valerie said. “We will continue to add new services and features so the Services Hub continues to evolve.”

The aim is also to eventually integrate Services Hub with other digital channels like the MyP&WC Power portal.

The Services Hub is streamlining the process for the customer. It is another example of how we’re working to innovate the aftermarket with new digital tools along with our expanding portfolio of solutions. In aviation, you’re not going to find many publicly available digital tools like this that centralize information and guide you to the right services.

- Valerie Blackburn, Digital Marketing Lead, Pratt & Whitney Canada

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