How GET1JET Manages Maintenance Costs and Planning on Their Pilatus PC-12 NGX Fleet

By Pratt & Whitney Customer Service

For Get1Jet, a charter company that flies the Pilatus PC-12 NGX, maintenance of the turboprop’s engine is easy to manage and predict – thanks to ESP™ Platinum, a coverage plan for the PT6E-67XP that provides comprehensive, no-surprise coverage.


Raising the Bar for Pay-per-hour Maintenance

The PT6 E-Series™ engine family moved the needle for general aviation turboprop engines when the PT6E-67XP launched in 2019. ESP Platinum for the PT6E-67XP is doing the same for pay-per-hour maintenance programs and Pilatus PC-12 NGX owners.

The program locks in long-term maintenance costs with a planned, preventative approach designed to maximize customers’ flying time and minimize hassle while enhancing aircraft value. It provides full coverage for routine periodic inspections, foreign object damage (FOD) and environmental damage repairs, unscheduled engine and accessory maintenance, required engine upgrades and much more — plus ancillary services like Pratt & Whitney Canada’s advanced oil analysis technology and much more.

ESP™ Platinum for the PT6E-67XP is very beneficial. It covers everything, including labour and technical publications. I would recommend it without hesitation.

 - Adrien Decaux, airworthiness manager at Get1Jet.

Another key advantage is the digital engine health management delivered through PT6 E-Series Proactive Services included with the plan, said Sebastien Larue, associate director, Business Development & Strategic Partnership – Commercial Programs at Pratt & Whitney Canada. Pratt & Whitney Canada is a division of Pratt & Whitney, a Raytheon Technologies business.

The technical support and information we get from Pratt & Whitney Canada is a big advantage. The Proactive Services team reviews the full-flight data to address and resolve any potential matters.

 - Adrien Decaux, airworthiness manager at Get1Jet. 

Through the engine’s Data Collection and Transmission Unit (DCTU), full-flight engine and aircraft data is transmitted wirelessly to P&WC’s in-house experts after each flight. The highly skilled engineers who make up the Proactive Services team analyze the data and turn it into actionable recommendations that limit aircraft downtime and keep the engine in top condition.

 “Our support team knows these engines inside out. They will reach out directly to the customers or their technicians to guide them with proper diagnosing matters, troubleshooting, parts ordering and the like to optimize their maintenance planning and engine availability,” said Sebastien.

Making Operators’ Lives Simpler

As a result, over 60% of PT6E-67XP operators worldwide have already signed up for the program to cover their maintenance and support needs. That includes many owner-pilots and business jet charter operators such as France’s  Get1Jet

For Get1Jet, which owns two Pilatus PC-12 NGXs and two PC-12s powered by PT6A-67P engines, much of ESP™ Platinum’s appeal lies in the cost certainty and the absence annual minimums.

“Under ESP Platinum, there are no unscheduled costs through the engine’s life,” said Adrien Decaux, airworthiness officer at Get1Jet. “For a small company like us, it’s much simpler and more comfortable to be on the plan.”

Enhanced Peace of Mind and Asset Value

Beyond the cost certainty and predictability Get1Jet is receiving now, Adrien sees longer-term benefits in ESP Platinum for the PT6E-67XP.

All engines are prone to environmental wear over time.  Because Get1Jet aircraft are often operated in cold-weather conditions (like flying over the Alps in winter) or coastal regions such as the Balearics and the French Riviera with a salt-heavy atmosphere, the environmental coverage offered by the plan provides Get1Jet with peace of mind.

The peace of mind is further enhanced by the Proactive Services, Adrien said.

Finally, the plan maintains the aircraft value in the long term; it keeps the engine in excellent condition and is transferable to the new owner free of charge if the asset is sold.

The feedback we have received is very positive. Customers see ESP™ Platinum for the PT6E-67XP as a well-priced, comprehensive turnkey solution. The Proactive Services are also a key part of its appeal that helps make it an easy decision for operators to enroll.

 - Sebastien Larue, associate director, Business Development & Strategic Partnership – Commercial Programs, P&WC.

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