New Pt6a Subscription-based Service Provides Added Peace of Mind

By Pratt & Whitney Customer Service

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A cost-effective new P&WCSMART™ subscription-based maintenance package for select PT6A engines including scheduled and unscheduled coverage and digital engine services, provides operators with increased peace of mind between their HSI and overhaul.

Delivering Cost Certainty Between Big-ticket Events

Launched in July 2021, the P&WCSMART™ Subscription Service for PT6A engines is a cost-effective maintenance and services package for operators who are between a hot section inspection (HSI) and overhaul. For a low annual fee, the new service helps make PT6A engine maintenance predictable and worry free by covering selected scheduled and unscheduled maintenance costs (up to US$100,000 per event), digital engine health services, and more.

“The P&WCSMARTportfolio for PT6A engines already include a number of flat rate and capped-cost solutions for major engine maintenance events such as overhauls, engine exchanges and more recently hot section inspections,” explains Anthony Haddad, Manager, Aftermarket Business Development, Pratt & Whitney Canada. “P&WCSMART programs are very popular with our customers because they save them money and provide cost guarantees for big-ticket items.” 

With the P&WCSMART Subscription Service for PT6A Engines, we’re expanding the portfolio to target a specific stage of the engine lifecycle with a flexible, affordable solution that’s attractive to operators who are not already on a pay-per-hour maintenance program.

- Anthony Haddad, Manager, Business Development, Pratt & Whitney Canada

The new service is a bundled solution for select PT6A engines models that covers expenses such as parts replacement during scheduled line maintenance (including genuine Pratt & Whitney parts), unscheduled engine or accessory removal, troubleshooting labour and mobile repair team (MRT) support. Operators who subscribe will also have access to digital engine health management services including engine condition trend monitoring and reporting through CAMP and Pratt & Whitney Canada’s cutting-edge Oil Analysis Technology. These track and analyze detailed engine data to provide preventive maintenance recommendations, helping to reduce events or avoid them entirely.


Eliminating Surprise Maintenance Costs

Typically, maintenance work for mature engines that are not on a pay-per-hour program such as Pratt & Whitney Canada’s EagleService™ Plan (ESP™) requires paying for service and labour costs at the time of the event, whether it is for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.

Unscheduled engine removals can cost US$100,000 or sometimes more—and they are difficult, if not impossible, to predict. The PT6A engine is known for its dependability and the new service adds even greater peace of mind.

“With the new service, operators no longer need to worry about those unexpected costs. Under the new P&WCSMART subscription model, all the eligible expenses are covered for a low annual rate,” explains Anthony. “Operators can therefore budget for most maintenance costs during this phase of the engine lifecycle. Multiple offerings are bundled together in a single solution, which means lower costs compared to paying for each service separately.”

The P&WCSMART Subscription Service supports customers’ operations and bottom line by helping to maximize their aircraft availability and maintain the asset value of engines not enrolled in our ESP program.

- Anthony Haddad, Manager, Business Development, Pratt & Whitney Canada

A Flexible Model With Multiple Options

The P&WCSMART Subscription Service is offered with either a one-year or a three-year renewable term, providing a flexible option to customers with more mature engines who may not be looking to enroll in a pay-per-hour maintenance program. Customers receive the advantage of a locked-in price throughout the term, ensuring cost predictability during that time. 

With both terms, there are two pricing options available: one for up to 200 flight hours per year, and one for up to 500 flight hours per year. Depending on the option, it’s possible to enroll for as little as US$7,500 per year per engine, with no upfront buy-in required.

We want to give customers a variety of choices that cover the full spectrum of their needs. What’s more, the contract is transferrable, so if an owner sells their aircraft, the new owner will still be eligible for the subscription.

- Anthony Haddad, Manager, Business Development, Pratt & Whitney Canada

Another key feature of the service is that it’s linked to the P&WCSMART ecosystem, providing a holistic approach to engine maintenance across the aircraft lifecycle and giving customers access to certain benefits if they combine this service with other solutions.

For instance, an operator who remains subscribed until their next overhaul without an unscheduled event occurring will obtain a 25% discount on the P&WCSMART Flat-Rate Overhaul. Additionally, operators who select the P&WCSMART Hot Section Inspection Program for PT6A engines will be enrolled in the new subscription service at no charge for the first year.

For more information or to enroll, customers can visit:

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