PW800 Engine Preparing to Roll Out: an Insider's Look Behind-the-scenes

By Pratt & Whitney Customer Service

With the countdown to the PurePower® PW800’s entry-into-service proceeding in earnest, we go behind-the-scenes to see how Pratt & Whitney Canada is preparing for the start of operations for its most advanced engine.

An Enhanced Engine

The PurePower® PW800 engine is as transformative as the Gulfstream G500 and G600 business jets it will power. Based on Pratt & Whitney's geared turbofan core technology, the PurePower® PW800 introduces business aviation to new levels of engine performance and efficiency. The new technological and design enhancements reduce scheduled maintenance by 40% and inspections by 20%, and allow many line replaceable components to be replaced in less than 30 minutes.

Take a Peek Behind-the-scenes

While the innovations are gaining most of the headlines, some of P&WC’s greatest achievements on the PurePower PW800 are happening behind the scenes, where the company is readying itself for entry into service.

Already, parts, tooling and rental engines are moving to key locations around the world to ensure that equipment is available from day one, when the PurePower® PW814GA engine-powered G500 enters into service. Additional tooling and inventory is also being prepared to support those regions with the highest demand.

“We are looking at where the customer will be based and where our key hubs are located to see how we can work with Gulfstream to assess locations that best serve their customers to deliver seamless service,” Tania Petrov, Customer Manager for the PurePower® PW800.

“There is a team behind these initiatives to be ready at aircraft delivery,” Tania adds.

Comprehensive Training

P&WC’s field support representatives (FSRs) and mobile repair teams (MRTs) also are readying for that first delivery and are currently being trained on the nuances of the PurePower® PW800 engine, such as its single-piece fan and larger access panels. Training is also available through new technologies, such as Librestream’s Onsight software, a mobile collaboration tool, which will help P&WC offer real-time customer service to PurePower® PW800 operators.

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Training extends to the dedicated teams in Montreal and Toronto, who will be equipped and trained on new advances in customer service, such as an integrated troubleshooting tool that combines the engine and aircraft database into one easy-to-use service. “This effort to deliver a seamless, high-value service for the customer really highlights our focus on the customer experience,” says Tania.

New Support Team

A focus on the hands-on experience is evident in a support network created for the PurePower® PW800 engine program. At a heightened level, P&WC has a dedicated support team based in Savannah (Georgia) that works only on these engines. Comprised of technical specialists that honed their knowledge of the engine while embedded with Gulfstream during the G500’s flight test program, this dedicated support team will provide, for Gulfstream and its customers, expertise unrivalled in business aviation.

Open for Enrolment

PurePower® PW800 customers can enhance this support with P&WC's “white glove” maintenance and support program, ESP® PurePower® PW800. This program, which is now open for enrolment, reimagines the concept of customer support. Every operator is assigned an account manager as the primary point of contact who is fully versed in the customer’s needs. What's more, to ensure premium support, account managers are assigned to be located close to the customer and main service provider locations.

ESP PurePower® PW800 is a comprehensive program, offering all-inclusive services such as EcoWash, borescope inspections, troubleshooting support and digital engine services for data-driven engine prognostics and health management. In a major departure from other OEM maintenance and service plans, ESP PurePower® PW800 moves away from geographic pricing to provide every customer a standard, predictable global-fee structure and discards minimum annual utilization requirements so the customer only pays for the hours flown.

P&WC's novel approach to develop, launch and support the PurePower® PW800 engine family is part of a broader effort to set a new benchmark in customer service. You can find out more about this commitment on Airtime, such as our article on the global, 24-hour CFirst operations in Montreal and Singapore and our insightful look at powerful new diagnostics, prognostics and health management tools that make engine health monitoring even easier.