Borescope Inspections: A New Mobile Solution To Get Remote Expert Help

By Pratt & Whitney Customer Service

Borescope inspections are an important aspect of engine maintenance that facilitate diagnosis and promote preventative care. A new technology now gives you quick and free access to P&WC's experts when you need professional help.

Connect With Experts in Real Time

Known as Onsight, this new mobile borescope inspection solution provides you with technical expertise virtually and in real time to help keep your aircraft and engine operating smoothly and without delay.

“With Onsight, you have a two-way audiovisual link that’s secure and encrypted. This allows you to easily collaborate with our engineers, field support representatives (FSRs) and Customer First Centre (CFirst) technical experts,” says Jeremy Murray, Field Operations Regional Manager, P&WC Worldwide Support Network.

The Onsight solution enables you to bring the eyes and ears of the experts to your engine’s location. This can eliminate the delays and costs that come with sending an FSR or technician in person. “You contact us and together we determine the type of support needed. If it suits the situation we send you a text or email to set up an Onsight session. It’s that simple,” says Jeremy.


Borescope Inspections Keep Your Engine Up and Running

Onsight works on any iOS- or Android-enabled mobile device with a cellular or Wi-Fi connection and links you directly with a P&WC technical expert. For borescope inspections, you will need a borescope that has an S-Video, HDMI, VGA or USB video-out, which can be connected to Onsight on the phone or tablet via a collaboration hub.

With Onsight, you can substantially reduce your engine’s downtime while also improving the productivity of your maintenance staff. “The solution puts our experts right there with you virtually,” Jeremy explains.

Onsight lets us pull in multiple people from multiple locations to help find a solution. With real-time access, our experts can guide the technician in the field to expedite diagnosis and return your engine to service as quickly as possible.


Weak Signal? No Problem

Onsight is based on a proven technology by Librestream and was developed to work in low-bandwidth areas where the cellular or internet signal is weak. “Our customers are everywhere and some operate in very remote locations, as long as your phone has a signal, you can use Onsight,” Jeremy notes. This low-bandwidth capability also allows you to send high-resolution pictures even if the live streaming video is disrupted or weak.

Borescope Inspections as a Useful Training Tool

By using Onsight for your borescope inspections you gain more than just real-time support. With the system’s ability to record both high-resolution images and live streaming, you can use your borescope inspections as training tools for your technicians. All these benefits along with the manufacturers’ recommendations can help you determine your preventative maintenance needs to help reduce unscheduled events.

“It’s about leveraging technologies that empower and enhance the overall customer experience,” says Jeremy. “With Onsight, we are giving our customers even greater access to our experts so they can, in turn, maintain their engines better and more efficiently.”

Want to know more about this technology and what it can do for you? Contact Jeremy Murray of P&WC’s Worldwide Support Network.

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