Alongside our continual drive towards ever greater engine efficiency using smarter technologies, the transition to cleaner fuels is key to achieving a net zero future for civil aviation. To help reduce aviation’s dependence on fossil-based fuels, Pratt & Whitney is advancing the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF), while also developing novel technologies to support alternative, zero carbon fuels, like hydrogen.

Ready for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)


All Pratt & Whitney engines are ready to operate with SAF at blends of up to 50% with Standard Jet A Kerosene. We have been actively involved in SAF testing and certification for decades and helped regulators define the technical standards that enable multiple different SAF blends to be used today.

Pratt & Whitney continues to collaborate with industry partners to enable the use of 100% in future, and is working to ensure that next generation engines like the GTF Advantage™ are compatible with that 100% standard.

Why SAF?

Hydrogen Power for Zero Emissions Flight


Rich in energy, readily combustible, and free from carbon atoms, hydrogen has the potential to enable zero-emissions flight – but it also comes with significant challenges. With extensive expertise of hydrogen- fueled propulsion systems dating back to the 1950s, Pratt & Whitney understands these challenges and opportunities well.

Innovating Hydrogen-Fueled Propulsion Technology


Optimizing engine design to take full advantage of unique cryogenic properties of hydrogen will be key – that’s the essence of the Pratt & Whitney's Hydrogen Steam Injected, Inter‐Cooled Turbine Engine (HySIITE) project.

HySIITE will use liquid hydrogen combustion and water vapor recovery to achieve zero in-flight CO2 emissions, while reducing nitrogen-oxide (NOx) emissions by up to 80 percent and reducing fuel consumption by up to 35 percent for next generation single-aisle aircraft.

More about HySIITE

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