With the P&WCSMART™ Overhaul Parts Capped Cost Program for PT6A Engines, you lock in a predictable and attractive capped price for all replaced parts during your overhaul event. With an increased ratio of new P&WC parts, you benefit from lower long-term operating costs along with increased engine durability and time on wing.

About the Program


Applicable Engine Model Capped Cost for Basic Overhaul Parts ($US) Capped Cost for Life Limited Parts ($US)
PT6A-65B/AR Engine405,000 95,000
PT6A-65B/AR Gas Generator 250,000 70,000
PT6A-65B/AR Power Section 195,000 40,000
PT6A-67D Engine 420,000 95,000
PT6A-67D Gas Generator 260,000 70,000
PT6A-67D Power Section 200,000 40,000

Individual LLP Pricing (In $USD)

Compressor hub/rotor 15,000
Compressor disc – Stage 1 15,000
Compressor disc – Stage 2 10,000
Compressor disc – Stage 3 10,000
Compressor disc – Stage 4 15,000
Compressor spacer – Stage 4 15,000
Impeller 20,000
Compressor turbine disc 20,000
Power turbine disc – Stage 1 25,000
Power turbine disc – Stage 2 25,000

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