Make your upcoming HSI on your PT6A engine as smooth and cost-effective as possible. 

Overview & Benefits

Upon the purchase of a new compressor turbine (CT) blades set at your HSI shop visit, P&WC will cover a portion of the HSI labour for a savings of  between US$10,000 to US$20,000 depending on your engine model*.

Additionally, P&WC will pick up the cost of new spark igniters and we'll provide a US$10,000 credit when you next overhaul your PT6A engine through one of our P&WCSMART™ overhaul programs.

Moreover, to ensure you continue to save throughout your HSI shop visit, we've identified a number of other HSI engine parts for which we are offering additional discounts of between 10% and 20% when replacing these with new parts.


A 10% discount on the following new hot section parts:

  • Sealing ring
  • Cover no. 2
  • Compressor turbine vane ring (CTVR)
  • CT shroud
  • Small exit duct
  • Lock plate
  • CT disk

A 20% discount on these new hot section parts:

  • Ignition cables
  • Chip detectors

*US$10,000 labour credit for PT6A-11/21/27/28/36/112/114/135/135A engines
*US$20,000 labour credit for PT6A-114A/41/42 engines
*US$10,000 labour credit for PT6A-34/34AG on latest CT blades (PN 3079351-01), otherwise *US$10,000 labour credit

About the Program

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