The P&WCSMART™ flat-rate overhaul program ensures a guaranteed overhaul price with no surprises. We’ve also capped the price for optional parts replacement for compressor turbine (CT) blades and limited life parts (LLP) – enabling you to accurately plan your maintenance costs – along with the dependability and quality of genuine P&WC parts and service.

About the Program


Engine model Flat-rate overhaul cost Capped overhaul price including optional CT blades & LLP
PT6A-112/114 US$310,000 US$350,000
PT6A-114A US$320,000 US$395,000
PT6A-135/135A US$300,000 US$370,000
PT6A-21 US$260,000 US$335,000
PT6A-27 US$300,000 US$370,000
PT6A-28 US$300,000 US$370,000
PT6A-34/34B US$320,000 US$380,000
PT6A-34AG US$290,000 US$355,000
PT6A-41 US$365,000 US$435,000
PT6A-42 US$345,000 US$410,000

Get in touch with a P&WCSMART specialist to get more information about our maintenance solutions or to request a quote.

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