Aerospace, military and commercial customers turn to Pratt & Whitney Automation (PWA) for customized, programmable solutions for coating application and removal challenges. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Raytheon Technologies Corporation, PWA specializes in designing automated solutions that can be tailored to a broad range of industries.

Customers who integrate PWA services into their manufacturing process benefit from more than 87 years of Pratt & Whitney achievements in aerospace, coatings and precision manufacturing. With a history of bringing innovative technologies to market, let us show you how our custom solutions can give you a competitive edge.

Engineering Design & Systems Integration


The same engineering and systems integration skills that enable Pratt & Whitney to manufacture the most complex aircraft engines and industrial gas turbines on earth can now be a part of your company’s operations. PWA has more than 25 years of experience incorporating robotics into manufacturing operations.

By integrating state-of-the-art robotics, specialized software, and industrial controls, Pratt & Whitney Automation (PWA) delivers a mechanical workforce that reduces human fatigue factors and creates repeatable, accurate and easily duplicated spraying processes. This results in improved quality, increased efficiency, and reduced operating costs.

PUREPULSE® Waterjet Technology


Until now, removal of chrome plating and other hard coatings has been a costly, imprecise and potentially hazardous process. Our revolutionary PUREPULSE® waterjet technology ends the need for toxic dipping and grinding by stripping parts quickly, efficiently and without damaging the substrate.

This technology transforms the waterjet into discrete water slugs to create a fracture and erosion mechanism that removes coatings/materials. Not only does this process save time, but it is designed to reduce maintenance costs, energy costs, and down time associated with the more complicated high-pressure waterjet systems.

Coating & Stripping


As a leader in coating application systems integration, PWA has designed, manufactured and integrated a wide variety of coating systems. Our eco-Convergent Spray Technologies™ apply coatings for thermal protection, acoustic insulation, fire protection and skid resistance, among other purposes. The process has proven itself over many years, especially in the application of thermal ablative coatings at high deposition rates without using volatile organic solvents.

PWA is the only company in the world to develop automated turbine blade coating systems.

Our patented coating removal system called Automated Robotic Maintenance System® (ARMS) uses robotic equipment designed to harness the power of pressurized water up to 55,000 PSI. These waterjet boxes are designed for a wide range of tough maintenance refurbishment jobs, using precision-controlled ultra-high-pressure water streams to remove a variety of coatings. ARMS waterjet technology has an inherent advantage over conventional stripping methods such as machining, grit blasting, and chemical dipping.