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Introducing the new PT6E-66XT engine for the Daher TBM 960 aircraft – precise and consistent performance at every altitude, every temperature, on every flight.

The PT6 E-Series™ engine – the first engine family with a dual-channel integrated electronic propeller and engine control system in the General Aviation turboprop market.

The DNA you trust, pushing innovation to a new level.

The Right Power at The Right Time


Your PT6E-66XT engine is powered by the PT6 DNA of reliability. In addition to the dual-channel Electronic Propeller and Engine Control System, the PT6E-66XT engine includes a number of advanced technologies and features.


Feel the power of the new PT6E-66XT engine

Thermodynamic ESHP Maximum SHP
Take-Off 1844 895
Max Climb 1844 895
Cruise 1844 895

*At sea level – compared to the PT6A-66D engine; at International Standard Atmosphere conditions.

Smarter Technology

Sustainable engine life-cycle

The PT6 E-Series™ engine family is a milestone in our journey toward reaching greater operating efficiencies and sustainability.

Eco-conscious choices for the PT6E-66XT engine:

  • Cleaner fuel: Certified to operate using Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF)
  • Improved durability:
    • Traditional lip engine seals exchanged for magnetic seals
    • New air system reduces air temperature in the power turbine
  • New ecology system: Recovery of all unburnt fuel at engine shutdown

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