Our customers want guaranteed performance and unmatched reliability, and their engine of choice for peace of mind is the PT6 turboprop. With 430+ million flying hours – more flying time than any other engine in the market – the PT6 is a proven engine and the most prolific in the segment.

PT6E-66XT Engine


The optimal combination of precision, performance and efficiency.

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PT6E-67XP Engine


Raising the bar in engine performance, control systems, data intelligence and service solutions.

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The PT6A Engine Family


PT6A engines are engineered for tomorrow to ensure you can go further today. Across its +130 applications, the PT6A meets and exceeds expectations. The PT6A is the proven choice for demanding, high-cycle/high-power applications in single- and twin-engine aircraft for missions and applications of all kinds, including corporate, skydiving and aerial applications, cargo, and amphibious missions. It is the most versatile turboprop engine family on the planet.

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