Introducing EngineWise® Connect – Pratt & Whitney’s New Customer Portal


Pratt & Whitney, a Raytheon Technologies business, has revamped and renamed its customer portal for commercial engines – a place where more than 20,000 employees and customers access essential documents, communications and other resources.

The new portal, EngineWise® Connect, replaces FleetCare® and more closely aligns itself with the business’ EngineWise portfolio of aftermarket support services. Its new user interface includes an intuitive dashboard and other benefits including:

  • Streamlined technical publications.
  • Detailed collaboration sites.
  • Improved customer communications.
  • Automated alerts & notifications.
  • Intuitive calendar & event management.
  • Optimized search & navigation.
  • A customer feedback button.
  • And much more.

“Supporting all of our customers has been, and continues to be, a top priority for us. In that spirit, it is imperative for us to provide them efficient tools to collaborate and stay up to speed on the latest information,” said Matthew Stoner, vice president, Customer Support at Pratt & Whitney.

The development of EngineWise Connect demonstrates Pratt & Whitney’s commitment to investing in best-in-class tools and support for its customers. To ensure the revamped portal would meet the needs of its users, a team from across the business gathered valuable insights from workshops, internal and external customer interviews and several user testing sessions.

“This high-performing team exemplified how Pratt & Whitney approaches digital transformation. Business and digital experts working on a fully integrated team, all committed to elevating our customer experience,” said John Renehan, executive director, Digital Technology at Pratt & Whitney.

“We had to ensure we got the redesign right, keeping our end-users’ priorities top of mind,” said Ed Lagoy, director, Customer Service at Pratt & Whitney. “We are excited for the portal to be live and are eager to start collecting feedback from our users to not only see how we did, but to also gather ideas for subsequent updates. Ultimately, the end goal is to make our customers’ lives easier.”