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Tailored Freighter Solutions

Backed by decades of experience in supporting cargo operators, we deliver engines and services to take your freight business to the next level.

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freighters powered by our large commercial engines



Up to 6% fuel burn advantage on PW2000 models over competing engines



Up to 4% less fuel burn, lowest emissions and noise for V2500-powered freighters compared to those powered by competing engines

Service and Support Tailored to Your Needs

Choose from a range of engine maintenance and product support options, or work with us to customize a plan to your requirements.

Short-term Solutions


Addressing your short-term service needs with serviceable material, serviceable life-limited parts (LLPs), part repairs and engine overhauls.

Long-term Solutions


Supporting your operations in the long-term with maintenance services both on-wing and off-wing with multiple-year contracts.

We Power Freighters of All Sizes

With more than 300 freighters powered by our large commercial engines, we understand your business. We offer options to match capacity and capability needs to fulfil a full range of cargo lift requirements.

V2500 Engine for the A321/A320CEO Converted Freighter


The V2500 delivers on all fronts and is better in terms of fuel burn, noise and emissions than the CFM56. With up to 33,000 pounds of thrust and greater than 3% better fuel burn, you can enjoy a significant payload-range advantage. At an aircraft level, the A321 converted freighter can carry up to 3.5 tonnes more cargo than a 737-800 converted freighter and saves about 240 gallons of fuel per trip vs a 757-200/RB211 converted freighter. The A320 converted freighter is a good alternative for lower capacity needs, providing up to 2% lower fuel burn with a similar capacity to the 737-800.

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PW2000 Engine for the 757-200 Converted Freighter


With up to 40,900 pounds of thrust, the PW2000 provides a 6% fuel burn and CO2 emissions advantage over the RB211 which translates into a significant payload-range advantage. It meets the applicable ICAO emissions regulations and has margin to Chapter 4 noise. The PW2000 comes with a proven track record with more than 60 million hours of operation.

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PW4000-94 for the Airbus A300 and A310, Boeing 747, 767 and MD-11


The PW4000-94 engine has operated for 35 years, offering competitive fuel burn, noise and emissions, with 50,000 to 62,000 pounds of thrust. Currently, more than 70 customers in 30 countries operate aircraft powered by the PW4000-94, with 55% of the fleet serving cargo.

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PW4000-100 for the Airbus A330


The PW4000-100 is a derivative of the PW4000-94 with many common parts. The engine offers 64,000 to 70,000 pounds of thrust and has more than 25 years of operating service. The PW4000-100 offers compelling economics on the A330 and the Advantage70 configuration provides the highest thrust on the A330.

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