How Epps Aviation is Helping Make PC-12 NGX Ownership a Simplified Experience

By Pratt & Whitney Customer Service

Epps Aviation, a Pilatus PC-12 NGX dealer has a 100% adoption rate for Pratt & Whitney’s ESP™ Platinum engine maintenance program for the PT6 E-Series™ engine. Find out why this comprehensive program is a must for their customers.

An Engine That Exceeds Expectations

The PC-12 NGX, the latest evolution of Pilatus’ popular single-engine turboprop, is the launch platform for Pratt & Whitney’s PT6E-67XP engine. One of the official distributors of the versatile aircraft is Epps Aviation, an authorized Pilatus Sales & Service Center based in the southeastern United States and the Caribbean since 1996.

According to Matthew Rule, Pilatus Sales Director Epps Aviation, customers are delighted with the PC-12 NGX, which offers a range of attractive features, such as its large cabin with room for up to ten passengers and its exceptional range and payload.

The engine is also a key factor in its appeal. Part of the ground-breaking, high-performance PT6 E-Series™ engine family, it was the first in the general aviation market to offer a dual-channel integrated electronic propeller and engine control system. 

“I was excited about the PC-12 NGX and the PT6 E-Series™ engine, but they have both exceeded our expectations. Customers are over the moon,” says Matthew.

When you’re making such a large investment, it’s nice to feel that you’re purchasing a very modern, capable product. With the PT6 E-Series™, pilots recognize they’re flying something state-of-the-art. They love the FADEC and auto-throttle. It’s a complete system that’s perfectly matched for the PC-12 NGX.

- Matthew Rule, Pilatus Sales Director, Epps Aviation

Focusing on Customer’s Simplified Flying Experience

As an authorized Pilatus Sales & Service Center serving the southeastern United States, Epps Aviation has many coastal-based customers who fly in salt-laden environments. Even with advances in engine materials that have made parts more resistant, corrosion remains something to be looked out for. That’s why it’s covered under the ESP™ Platinum plan, along with other environmental-induced damage such as erosion and sulfidation.

Outside of engine overhauls, the number-one issue for our customers is environmental-induced damage. Having corrosion, erosion and sulfidation included in the maintenance plan is a big weight off their shoulders.

- Greg Allen, Pilatus Maintenance Manager, Epps Aviation

As Pilatus Maintenance Manager, Greg is particularly excited about the digital experience and enhanced engine health trend monitoring included in the ESP Platinum program, which supports a more planned, proactive approach. Under this plan, the engine transmits full-flight data to Pratt & Whitney’s servers shortly after shutdown. The data is immediately analyzed, and the maintainer is informed of any fault codes present. Pratt & Whitney’s Proactive Services team further reviews the data for any sign of a potential impending issue and works with the maintenance manager to address findings before they affect aircraft availability

“When you’re flying a single-engine airplane, it’s very reassuring to know that the engine is reporting its internal data to the service center and the manufacturer. For us, it’s very helpful and simplifies any issues that might arise,” he explains.


Credit: Epps Aviation

Both the engine itself and the ESP™ Platinum program make our customer’s ownership experience much simpler, enabling quick return to service and effective financial risk management

- Greg Allen, Pilatus Maintenance Manager, Epps Aviation

A Win-win Solution with an All-inclusive Maintenance Plan

The engine’s technological advances are complemented by an all-inclusive maintenance plan specifically designed for the PT6 E-Series™: Eagle Service™ Plan (ESP™) Platinum.

This comprehensive pay-per-hour program includes major scheduled maintenance, unscheduled maintenance, environment-induced and foreign object damage (FOD), accessory maintenance and upgrades, data-driven proactive support and much more. With no annual minimums, you pay only for the time you fly.

“Aircraft owners have numerous personality types,” notes Matthew. “But one thing is universal: none of them likes surprises. That’s why they appreciate the ESP™ Platinum program. It significantly mitigates risk and uncertainty—at a price point they frequently tell us is win-win.”


ESP™ Platinum helps operators to budget in a worry-free environment while saving on aircraft surrounding costs. Operators who are enrolled in the maintenance program can now benefit from insurance premium savings for their PT6E-67XP engines. This first-of-its-kind program simplifies engine coverage, eliminate overlap and lower costs.

The program resonates with a range of customers, making sales and maintenance activities easier for Epps Aviation. “The ability to pay as you go rather than paying a lot unexpectedly is appealing to many owners. This allows us to focus on our customers experience rather than unpleasant discussions.” 

To build on Matthew’s comment, Greg notes that what stands out with the PT6 E-Series™ engine is how comprehensive it is. 

“Customers always tell us, ‘It just works.’ The engine was already very solid, and it’s now easier to use with the full-authority digital engine control. In addition to that, everything is taken care of with the ESP Platinum, so the pilot has less to worry about,” he says. 

For more on the benefits of the PT6 E-Series™ engine and ESP™ Platinum, check out Airtime’s recent interview with a satisfied early customer: Dr. Ulrich Byszio Shares Thoughts on His Enhanced Pilot Experience with the PC-12 NGX.