2 Services That Ensure Aircraft Engine Parts Are Always on Hand

By Pratt & Whitney Customer Service

P&WC has introduced two new services designed to improve availability: Remote Maintenance Kits and a Line Replaceable Unit Availability Program. Discover how these innovations are helping to keep aircraft flying.

A Customized, Portable Maintenance Kit

Think of a remote maintenance kit as a cleverly assembled first aid kit for your engine. It contains strategically selected airplane engine parts that are optimized for carry-on in a specially designed transport case.

This OEM-exclusive initiative is available for several engine models. Airtime spoke with Ridha El-Khairy, Senior Manager, Commercial Business Development, Aftermarket, to learn more.

“This offer is a great example of how we can leverage data analytics to generate a compelling customer solution,” he explains. “Using our comprehensive data, we were able to identify the optimal mix of airplane engine parts likely to improve engine availability and bundle them together in a kit.”

PW307A/D and PW308C/C+ operators already enjoy benchmark powerplant dispatch reliability, but instant access to the parts included in the kits increases self-sufficiency and mitigates the risk of downtime should a part be required..

Having remote maintenance kit parts on board will help significantly reduce potential flight delays and decrease return to service time. This is especially valuable when flying missions in remote areas, where the destination airport may not be equipped with all the airplane engine parts you need.


Avoiding Aircraft on Ground Situations

In addition to numerous inquiries from interested operators since the remote maintenance kit was introduced last year, those already using it have expressed their appreciation for its benefits. Liberty Media Corporation, for example, swiftly remedied an aircraft on ground situation thanks to its on-board remote maintenance kit.

The remote maintenance kit on our Falcon Dassault 7X proved very useful when a fuel impending bypass indication came on during a recent flight. We had a tight schedule, with less than 21 hours before our next flight. Thanks to the spare filter we had in the kit, we were able to return the aircraft to service quickly after landing and avoid any delays. The engine technician said that without the airplane engine parts on board, we would not have been able to meet the schedule. This experience showed us the true value of having the airplane engine parts kit.


At the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) 2018, P&WC launched a limited-time promotion for ESP Gold and Silver customers, who can purchase remote maintenance kits at a 35% and 25% discount respectively until September 1, 2018. After that, they will be able to obtain them at 25% and 15% off the list price until the end of the year. Visit our page to learn more.

In the aviation business, unplanned downtime often translates into hefty expenses. That’s especially true for operators in the oil and gas sector, where even a single day of unscheduled downtime can prove extremely costly.

“The operational constraints for oil and gas operators are extremely demanding,” notes Ridha. “It’s a high-cost business, and you need to be well-supported from a parts perspective. With that in mind, we’re developing innovative solutions to address operators’ needs.”

One of these solutions is a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) Availability Program that leverages P&WC’s Fleet Management Plan™ (FMP) flexibility to facilitate the provisioning of LRUs and other OEM-recommended items found on an initial provisioning list. This gives FMP-enrolled turboshaft operators the convenience of having a buffer set of key spare parts at their base, with inventory seamlessly replenished through FMP-enabled accessory repair and exchange services.

Our airplane engine parts are extremely reliable, but the LRU Availability Program gives customers additional peace of mind in case they do need a part unexpectedly. It covers everything that operators need to be self-sufficient, from large LRUs to consumables. They secure owned inventory to support their fleet, effectively neutralizing any risks associated with part unavailability and logistics delays.


Maximizing Availability for Oil & Gas Operators

To give customers different choices to suit their needs, P&WC is developing a subscription-based model as well. In this scenario, customers can subscribe to have shared access to a pool of LRUs strategically located in their region.

P&WC is considering the North Sea area in Northern Europe as one location for a pool. It recently held a focus group in Aberdeen, Scotland with oil and gas operators in that region to get their feedback on the idea and gain more insights into the realities of their complex operations and support requirements.

“We got a good sense of the challenges involved in offshore operation,” Ridha remarks about the meeting. “It was extremely insightful. Customers greatly appreciate the level of support they are receiving from P&WC but see the opportunity to have more regional access to key parts as a game-changer for their operations. Our aim now is to find a way to integrate their business model and ours in order to optimize access to airplane engine parts.”

These initiatives and others are part of P&WC’s ongoing efforts to develop unique, OEM value-enhancing solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs in different markets. Read our article Needs Are Evolving: Tailored Services Bring Sweeping Change to find out more.