3 Customer-centred Initiatives Announced at NBAA-BACE

By Pratt & Whitney Customer Service

P&WC announced several products and initiatives to move customers toward fully planned maintenance during the 2017 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Las Vegas.

P&WC continues to make transformational improvements in proactive, predictive and preventive engine health management through flexible solutions tailored to every customer. The company is working hard to deliver industry-leading product performance and benchmark service for its 12,800+ customers and 62,000 engines in service.

P&WC has launched several engine health management initiatives to help move customers toward more fully planned maintenance environments while supporting increased aircraft availability and reducing direct maintenance costs.

Here are three customer initiatives P&WC has been hard at work on behind the scenes:

P&WC's Predictive Analytics Team Reduce Unscheduled Interventions

P&WC's PW300 Pro-Active Help Desk has significantly improved on-condition maintenance planning and reduced unscheduled interventions for specific availability drivers on PW307-powered aircraft. Reductions have gone from 85% in 2015 to 20% in 2017.


Reduction in Unscheduled Events for Key Availability Drivers for Customers of PW307-Powered Aircraft

Using predictive analytics and full-flight data from P&WC's FAST™ (Flight, Acquisition, Storage and Transmission) prognostics solution, the help desk has made a significant impact.

"We already deliver benchmark powerplant dispatch reliability of 99.94% on the Falcon 7X and 8X - and with the predictive and preventive approach to engine health management our customers are seeing the additional benefit of reduced variability and maintenance burden"



The Falcon 7X powered by P&WC engines.

"We are demonstrating in real-time that when we put full-flight data together with high-quality, OEM-validated analytics and an expert team of engineers, we bring true value to our customers," Tim explains. This results in higher availability, lower costs and personalized maintenance recommendations.

Both the Proactive Help Desk and FAST™ are among P&WC's expanding suite of Digital Engine Services, which drive optimized, on-condition maintenance tasks, minimizing the maintenance burden and creating a more planned environment for customers.

Patients to Benefit From Engine Prognostics Solution

Australia's Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) has started installing FAST™ on its fleet of King Air aircraft with plans to add more, P&WC announced at NBAA-BACE. The engine health management solution is ideally suited to the RFDS. They continue to raise the bar as an early adopter of digital technologies to support their life-saving missions and enhance operations.

RFDS says that they can now understand more about how their aircraft operate, be more efficient and provide a better experience for their patients, all thanks to FAST™.


King-Air aircraft powered by a PT6A at NBAA-BACE 2017

CPO Program Launches, Giving PT6A Engines a Second Life

P&WC also chose to use NBAA-BACE as the launch pad for its new PT6A Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program. The company developed the program to deliver greater value and peace of mind to potential customers of used PT6A-powered aircraft as well as to help dealers of these aircraft differentiate their inventory. The certification comes with a two-year or 500-hour warranty and is expected to help reduce the amount of time that used PT6A-powered aircraft remain on the market.

The Certified Pro-Owned program was launched on PT6A engines because of the size of the in-service fleet. The company is considering expanding it to other engine families in the future.

The program has been successfully implemented by Epic Aircraft. The company says the certification gives buyers peace-of-mind, especially if they are making a first-time purchase. For more about the Epic implementation, read A Winning Formula for Both Buyers and Dealers of Used Aircraft on Airtime.