New Remote Maintenance Kits Deliver Onboard Peace of Mind

By Pratt & Whitney Customer Service

New Remote  Maintenance Kits for ESP™ Platinum customers: a customized solution for increased availability and peace of mind.

Advanced engine health management and a new generation of digital engine services have changed the way we look at engines and aircraft and are key to helping us move customers toward fully planned maintenance environments. P&WC's FAST™ (Flight data Acquisition, Storage and Transmission) prognostics solution and our new Oil Analysis Technology, for example, are providing deep insight into the health and effective operations of the engine without intrusive inspection

Today, the FAST solution is capturing more than one million hours of full flight data each year and roughly 20,000 engines are being trended through P&WC's digital engine services. Moreover, this intelligence is shared electronically with the customer within 15 minutes of the pilot shutting down the engine so that action can be taken and potential events minimized or avoided entirely.

So yes, we now have the data and digital services to deliver insight and increased availability - and we aren't stopping there.

Through the advanced analytics, engineering know-how and hands-on expertise comes from more 60,000 aircraft in service, we are developing tailored solutions that respond proactively to real-world scenarios.

The Remote Maintenance Kit: A Customized Solution to Increase Availability

The new complimentary Remote Maintenance Kit for our Eagle Service Plan (ESP™) Program Platinum customers is a customized solution to respond specifically to the needs of customers with PW307A/D, PW308C and PW308C+ turbofans. We have been able to pinpoint the optimal components to incorporate into the kit to help drive increased availability and aircraft maintenance autonomy.

“Our ESP platinum customers expect nothing but the best in terms of service level and aircraft availability and this is one of the ways we can be proactive and expedite access to parts,” says Ridha El-Khairy, Manager, Business Development at P&WC. “Our customer’s time is valuable, that's why we're doing anything we can do to support an accelerated return to service if the need arises," Ridha explains.

All OEM Components in The Remote Maintenance Kit

The remote maintenance kit contains original equipment manufacturer parts, including oil and fuel filters, oil check valves, fuel impending bypass switches, piston actuated valve sleeves, chip detectors, igniters and gaskets, ignition cables and exciters.

Valued at about $40,000, these key components are organized and protected in a case about the size of a small carry-on suitcase. Clearly marked and painted yellow, it can't easily be confused with other luggage, and can be quickly accessed when needed.

“The remote maintenance kits are a means to anticipate and help mitigate the possibility of delays,” says Ridha. “We want to help customers maximize engine and aircraft availability through instant access to the right part where and when they need it, which is especially helpful when operating in a remote region, as so many of our customers do. The kit offers added confidence and peace of mind in knowing they are more self-sufficient.”

Any parts taken from the kit to service the engine are replenished when Pratt & Whitney Canada is notified by the maintenance facility.

Enhanced Value to Customers

“We’re enhancing the ESP Platinum program for customers by delivering yet another innovative solution that helps maximize aircraft availability; this in turn helps further strengthen the program and residual value advantage our ESP Platinum customers are getting today.,” says Ridha.

P&WC’s ESP programs offer comprehensive engine maintenance coverage. With the premium ESP Platinum plan, customers are provided additional peace of mind with coverage for parts and labour for routine periodic inspections, corrosion repairs, low utilisation inspection and technical publications.

Choosing the right Pay per Hour maintenance program can enhance the residual value of an aircraft by millions of dollars and save customers a substantial amount of money.