Service That Never Sleeps for Your Engine

By Pratt & Whitney Customer Service

There is no good time to have an aircraft on ground (AOG) or a pressing technical question about your engine. But when you’re our customer and you have an issue, any time is a good time for the professionals who staff Pratt & Whitney Canada’s Customer First Centre (CFirst). 

The Promise to Perform

We understand your need for speed. Your call to CFirst is answered within 20 seconds on average. We’ll provide you with a maintenance action plan within the hour. The resumption of your business becomes our business.

The CFirst Team is driven to find solutions to get customers flying again as soon as possible. That goal is the reason we exist and it defines all that we do.


Whether it’s a simple question or a weighty technical challenge, CFirst is available toll-free by telephone or via email around the clock every day of the year. If self-serve is your preference, you’ll find the new MyP&WC Power online customer portal is always available to deliver a full suite of maintenance-related services to your computer or wireless device.

Multilingual Capabilities

In 2012, CFirst improved its services with the expansion of our Singapore support centre. Three years ago, technical specialists with expertise in P&WC engine maintenance and AOG logistics were added to the team. This group of 10 people covers a greatly extended business day with a focus on the Asia Pacific market.

We pride ourselves on our multilingual staff. For example, our CFirst team members in Singapore speak English, the industry standard, plus five additional languages, including Mandarin and Malay. Our Montreal CFirst employees are all bilingual with many being trilingual. The CFirst team is fully integrated, using the same telephony and IT systems to provide seamless support the world over.

Delivering Services via New Technologies

Over the last 10 years, wireless handheld devices and ubiquitous high-speed networks have revolutionized the way people share photos, videos and experiences. The expectation for advanced means of customer support has grown as technologies have advanced.

When we provide service to our customers, we don’t want to talk in terms of days, or hours, we want it to be in minutes or seconds. When customers turn to us for support, they place their faith in our ability to react quickly. It’s our job to ensure that faith is well rewarded.


P&WC is currently rolling out a new service using Librestream’s Onsight software that allows you to interact with CFirst through live two-way audio and video. The application has eye encryption for security, remote device control, and live streaming and video recording. You’ll be able to transmit photos and videos instantly. The service is intended to resolve maintenance issues remotely.

This service is just one more way P&WC seeks to serve its customers on their own terms and often on their own turf.

Service by the Numbers

Get to know the CFirst global support group’s extraordinary service.

  • Provides 24-hour support, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • Calls are answered within 20 seconds; a technical recommendation is offered within one hour; most repairs take 24 hours or less to complete
  • Serves 12,500 operators in more than 200 territories and countries
  • Technical specialists are knowledgeable about every P&WC product and they support 60,000 engines worldwide
  • The CFirst Team has 15,000 customers interactions per month
  • There are 30 members on the CFirst Team; 20 in Longueuil near Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and 10 in Singapore
  • In addition to English, there are at least 8 other languages spoken by CFirst staff
  • CFirst’s telephone  and IT infrastructure operate at 99.9% up-time; a backup system is in place to ensure that customers can always reach help
  • There is one unified communications platform to reach CFirst, no matter if you’re calling, emailing or accessing help through the customer Portal